Kids For Wolves
Kids Teaching Kids about Wolves
This is me last summer, with Atka, an ambassador wolf at the Wolf Conservation Center in New York. You should go there! It's awesome!

And here is a nice picture of Alawa that Maggie Howell from the WCC gave me.

I'm Turner, an 8 year old kid who loves wolves!
I want to tell kids why it's so important to know about wolves. I think if you learn more you will want to help save them as much as I do. Have fun on my site!

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK SITE TOO! That's where I post all the articles and pictures!
It's at Kids For Wolves, on Facebook!

On this site, you can find these things:

Wolf Facts and games.

Great books for kids about wolves.

Links to Organizations that Protect Wolves and Ways to Help.

A place to send in your own pictures and thoughts about wolves.

This is my Halloween costume this year.
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