Pictures here are of Alawa (gray) and Zephyr (brown and black), the Ambassador Wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center in New York!
What Kids For Wolves Does:
I'm Turner, an 12 year old kid who runs a page about wolves! 
My page is about teaching kids and adults about wolves and what you can do to save them. 
I also have a Facebook page. You can visit it whenever, it's called Kids For Wolves!

On this site, you can find:

Wolf Facts and games from time to time,

Great books and articles about wolves,

Links to organizations that protect wolves and ways to help,

and ways to share your thoughts, articles and ideas about wolves!

This was my Halloween costume in fourth grade

This is me when I was six, with Atka, an ambassador wolf at the Wolf Conservation Center in New York. It's a really cool place and you should totally visit it sometime

Here are some pictures of Alawa and Zephyr (another two Ambassador Wolves) that Maggie Howell from the WCC gave me.

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