Kids For Wolves
If you have any cool facts or info about wolves, feel free to share them with me!
Interesting Wolf Facts

Wolves are the largest canines, weighing up to 180 pounds! This picture shows Zephyr, a wolf at the WCC growing up! The picture above is one I took of Zephyr when he was just a baby.
And here he is now!! Isn't he beautiful? I got to howl with him a few months ago. He used to have a baby howl; much higher pitched than the howl of a normal adult wolf.
HERE ARE SOME GREAT FACTS ABOUT WOLVES! Send me more if you have them!

All dogs are descended from wolves. So if you have a dog, you have part of a wolf!

Wolves are an important part of the ecosystem. If we have no wolves, the chain of nature is broken and other animals and people will suffer. (For more on this, read The Wolves Are Back, by Jean Craighead George. It's a great book for kids on this topic.)

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